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Dear Brethren and visitors,
The brethren of lodge Lessing zum flammenden Stern Nr. 700 in Munich welcome you to their website.
Freemasonry one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal societies, an association of men concerned with universal humanitarian, moral and spiritual values. Its members are taught its maxims (humanitarian and moral lessons and self-improvement) by a series of symbolic and ritual dramas and instructions performed within a closed lodge. These rituals, and allegorical guides, follow ancient forms and customs as used by ancient operative stonemasons. Freemasonry teaches its members a humanitarian, moral and ethical approach to life within and for the benefit of the world community. It seeks to reinforce thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy towards every day society and honesty in business.
Freemasonry arrived in Bavaria in the 18th century and in Munich around 1870. Our lodge was consecrated in May 1924 as lodge Deutsche Wacht im Süden working under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of the Three Globes based in Berlin. Its founding members originated on the one hand from the lodge Empor zum Licht, also working under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of the Three Globes, and on the other hand from the lodge Constantia vom Fels zum Meer, working under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Hamburg.
Our lodge was reactivated in 1948 following re-establishment of Freemasonry in Germany after World War II. Its name was changed to Lessing zum flammenden Stern Nr. 700 originally working under the auspices of the humanistic orientated Grand Lodge of the Sun based in Bayreuth. In 1949 our lodge became a member of the newly consecrated Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Germany.
Nowadays, our lodge is home to some 80 Brethren from many professional, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Although our working language is German, we are proud to have among us native speakers from many foreign countries. Our lodge meets once a week (generally Friday evenings) to discuss a variety of philosophical, symbolical and cultural topics. Our lodge is active in many charitable projects and is engaged in joint efforts operated by the many lodges in Munich and southern Bavaria. A memorable moment in our lodge’s history was in 1992 with the consecration of a fellow lodge Zora (Dawn) in Sofia, which became the first regular lodge in Bulgaria after World War II.
If you live in or in the vicinity of Munich and you wish to learn more about German Freemasonry, and of our lodge in particular, then feel free to contact us without delay using the contact link in our website under Kontakt.
For those Brethren whose Grand Lodge is in good standing with the United Grand Lodges of Germany, please consider visiting us at any time when you are in Munich. We work between the months of September and June and offer a fraternal welcome to Brethren at any time. However, you should of course provide the customary introduction in writing from your Grand Lodge.
Erdmann Gritz, Worshipful Master, Lessing zum flammenden Stern Nr. 700.
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